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For people of African heritage, to help you achieve your goals and realize your unlimited possibilities.

Abundance Workshops: Finding Solutions

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Abundance workshops are open to everyone.

This is a practical, hands-on series of workshops. 

Led by Zhana, author of Success Strategies for Black People

Open to the abundance of the universe! 

Is money freely FLOWING into your life? 

Do you have the work and career you aspire to? 

Are you experiencing love, joy and fun?


The universe's positive healing energy can help you with: 

  • radiant health and healing
  • emotional healing - letting go of the past
  • money in abundance
  • work and career
  • positive relationships and communication
  • love, joy and fun
  • tapping into your inner wisdom
  • finding solutions. 

Abundance 1:  Clearing Blocks and Obstacles.  Healing the past.  We need to let go of the pain of the past in order to create a brighter future. 

This goes into more depth than the Relaxation Workshops

Abundance 2:  Manifestation.  We can create what we want. We can attract anything we want in life.

Abundance 3:  Opening to the Universe:  Finding Solutions.  The universe will help you by adding its energy to yours.  You can achieve anything you want - there are NO LIMITS. 

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