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The Role of the Modern Griot

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Preserving Our History and Culture

The Role of the Modern Griot is a workshop presented by Zhana, author of Success Strategies for Black People and Black Success Stories, and publisher of the More Black Success ebooks.

This workshop explores:  

  • What is a griot?

  • The traditional role of the griot

  • The role of the modern griot

  • How to become a griot.

This workshop will include a screening of Zhana's  film "Harriet - a Choreopoem". 

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Celebrating Black Heroes and Sheroes:  for adults and people aged 16 and over.  

Led by Zhana, author of Success Strategies for Black People and Black Success Stories

In some African traditions, the griot held the story of the local people - the village, family or clan. The griot pulled together the strands of the story which represented the various people who took part in it. Kept these strands and held them safe. Savoured them, treasured them. Wove them together to form a cloth, a whole that blended the assorted colours and shadings into a pattern which told the story of the people.

The Griot Workshops use storytelling and creativity to help us to discover and explore our cultural inheritance.  We reinforce a positive sense of cultural identity through celebrating our African ancestors, heroes and sheroes.  



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