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The Key to Financial Prosperity

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By Zhana


Do you want to find the key to financial prosperity?  I have written this article to help you to tap into your full potential, go way beyond your goals and realise your dreams.


Use the methods I will share with you and you can see brilliant, amazing results.  Your potential is unlimited.  I guarantee you are capable of going way beyond what you think you can achieve.


There is a lot of doom and gloom around.  We have had to learn new terms, like “sub-prime” and "credit crunch". 


Do you have feelings of helplessness?  Of not being able to change things?  Frustration because someone else is in charge – the government, the banks, someone other than you?  Does any of this sound familiar?  Maybe you are going through this.  Maybe it’s your family, friends or neighbours.  There is a lot of anxiety around.


And there is a solution to this problem.


A few years ago, we saw the economies of many Eastern European countries disintegrate, closely followed by the governments of those countries.  Many people marked this as “the death of Communism”. 


Now, Western capitalist economies are in meltdown.  Every time we switch on the news, we hear stories of people losing their jobs and their homes.  There is talk of “panic” on Wall Street.  Governments are having to bail out the banks on both sides of the Atlantic.


What does this mean for you? 


Your Financial Success Is up to You


Your finances do not depend upon


  • the banks
  • the stock market
  • mortgage lenders
  •  the government
  • a particular political system
  • your Zodiac sign
  • your mother
  • white people
  • men
  •  women
  • a secret organisation that controls everything from behind the scenes. 

Yes, all of these factors can and will play a part.  But in the end, 

Your life depends on YOU.  Nobody else.

Your financial life depends on YOU.


Your relationships depend on YOU.  


Your health depends on YOU. 


And on your interaction with other people.


The new model acknowledges the reality - we are all in this together.  Everyone in the universe is connected with everyone else.  Everyone has an effect on everyone else.  So what you do effects other people, and the economy. 


Money Does What You Tell it to Do


Take a $5 bill out of your wallet or purse and place it on the table.


What is it doing?


What is it doing now? 


Is it corrupting anybody?


Is it walking the dog?


Is it cooking dinner? 


Or is it just sitting there? 


Keep your eye on it, just to make sure. 


My point is, money does what we tell it to do.  That $5 bill will continue to sit there until someone picks it up and does something with it. 

Our mental patterns and emotional blocks are what stop us from receiving money - and everything else we want.  But because those blocks are usually unconscious, we end up blaming other people for our problems. 


The stories we tell ourselves about money (and everything else in our lives) determine what our experience will be.


Common myths about money include:


§         I’ll never be rich

§         People don’t appreciate me

§         Rich people are evil

§         As soon as I get something, it gets taken away from me


I’m sure you can think of lots more.


When you tell yourself these myths – guess what?  You create these experiences over and over again.


And you will keep creating them until you BREAK THE PATTERN. 


I don’t know when Barack Obama decided to run for President, but he did not allow the myths to get in his way.  Myths such as:


§         White people/the system/They will never allow a Black man to become President. 

§         African American people don’t succeed at anything. 

§         Black people don’t support our own. 

§         Black people don’t vote. 


Again, I’m sure you can think of others. 


To improve your financial situation, you need to do a number of things. 


You need to become aware of your patterns of thoughts and emotions.  And then:


You need to change your thoughts.


You need to change your feelings. 




You need to rewrite your story.  


You need to establish new, more helpful, beneficial habits and patterns which will help you achieve success in every area of your life. 


I will help you with all of this.


One of the main reasons why people in the Western world don’t reach our full potential is low self-esteem.  We don’t believe we deserve to be financially wealthy.  We don’t FEEL deserving.  So we do not allow the abundance of the universe to flow into our lives.  We block the flow.


We have habits and patterns of thoughts and emotions which we repeat over and over again.


Guess what – it’s time to BREAK THE PATTERN.


If you are ready to break your patterns and come with me on this journey to establish positive, healthy, beneficial patterns of thought and emotions which will help you to reach your goals and go beyond them, order my ebook What They Don’t Want Us to Know. 


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Here’s to your success in 2011! 


Publisher and Personal Growth Consultant



Copyright © Zhana 2011




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