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Personalized Healing Journeys

Words are incredibly powerful.  Positive words can be highly beneficial, healing and transformative. 

How would it feel to have a personalized, unique healing journey to help you address your own individual health needs?  Using the power of your mind to support and strengthen your body’s natural healing abilities?  

I can supply you with a guided visualization or an EFT tapping script designed to use alongside, and enhance the benefits of, any treatment you are already receiving.  Can include: 

  • Arthritis
  • Skin problems
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Heart problems
  • Immune deficiency

or any other health issue. 

These journeys enhance your body's natural healing powers. 

Or you can order a personalized journey to help you achieve your money, financial or career goals. 

Your journey will be personalised to your individual needs.  All this for just $5. 

Click here for a journey to overcome blocks and obstacles

Click here for a journey to help you relieve anxiety and stress

Click here for a journey towards your breakthrough in any area of your life

Click here for radiant health CDs/MP3s

Please write in complete confidence.  Your confidentiality will be respected and protected.   

We respect your privacy.  We always keep your information totally confidential.  We never share your details with anyone. 

PLEASE NOTE, these personalised journeys are for everyone, regardless of racial or cultural background or heritage.

Click here for CDs/MP3s for Radiant Health and Healing


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