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For people of African heritage, to help you achieve your goals and realize your unlimited possibilities.

CDs/MP3s for Radiant Health and Healing

These three spoken word CDs/MP3s are for everyone, regardless of racial or cultural background or heritage. 

These three journeys - Radiant Health and Healing, Rid Your Body of Toxins and Deep Healing -
strengthen your body's natural healing energies, and support and enhance any treatment you are already receiving. 

You get a 30% discount when you buy two or more copies of the CDs.   Click here to order your copies or download the MP3s

Suitable for people of all racial and cultural backgrounds and for all ages. 

If you do EFT, you can tap along with these audio journeys.  To find out more about EFT, see Finding Solutions

Radiant Health and Healing

Relax and listen to this meditation to tap into the loving, healing energy of the universe, to achieve physical and emotional healing.

Expel toxins and anything that could harm your body's cells.

Heal the past, let go of old wounds and hurts, heal your body by using the power of your mind.  

Words are incredibly powerful.  Positive words can be highly beneficial, healing and transformative. 

For more about the Higher Self, see:  Your Inner Wisdom

To order your copy todayor download the MP3, see Radiant Health and Healing 

Rid Your Body of Toxins

Cleanse your body, mind and emotions. Detoxify your liver and kidneys, and all the cells of your body.

Click here to order your CD/MP3 to Rid Your Body of Toxins



Click here for your own individual, personalized guided visualizations or EFT tapping scripts for your health, wealth and success. 

Deep Healing

Click here for your MP3 for Deep Healing
Heal your body, mind and emotions at the deepest possible level. 


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