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Recommended Books

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What They Don't Want Us to Know - an ebook by Zhana .  How to achieve financial success and abundance, radiant health, happy relationships and peace of mind.  Click here to read a review. 

Success Strategies for Black People by Zhana 
Transform you life, love, health and wealth.  Visit Success Strategies to learn more.   

The Uncommon Wisdom of Oprah Winfrey

Black Success Stories by Zhana - Learn from the Experts.  Click here to read more.   

Marva Collins' Way

Marva Collins is a legendary African American teacher who rescued many children who had been labelled "ineducable" by their local education system.  In this book, she describes her practical, down-to-earth approach.

Ordinary Children, Extraordinary Teachers

by Marva Collins


In this book, Collins shares some of her writings, speeches, poetry and teaching tools.

African American Teachers  by Clinton Cox.

Kill Them Before They GrowThe Misdiagnosis of African American Boys in America's Classrooms

Nothing's Impossible - Leadership Lessons from Inside and Outside the Classroom

Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys

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Black Achievers

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