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For people of African heritage, to help you achieve your goals and realize your unlimited possibilities.

Relaxation and Success

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Finding Creative Solutions:

Relaxation for Success Workshops

These workshops are open to everyone aged 18+.

We also do workshops for parents.

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The Success Workshops provide effective tools to help you transform your life. 

Relaxation for Success Workshops are about working with our energy.  We can use our energy to attract whatever we want - there are no limits. 

Many times, the problems and difficulties in our lives create tension, stress and anxiety.  The more we relax, the more easily we can find solutions and attract the life we deserve. 

If you are serious about bringing about positive change in your personal or professional life, you want to attend a Success workshop.  

These workshops help you deal with common, everyday stress and anxiety as well as more serious issues. 

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we are unaware of the unconscious blocks that hold us back.  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of the methods we use in these workshops.  EFT  can be a highly effective method of identifying and releasing those blocks.   

- If you have been working on a problem or issue for awhile, and are not happy with the results

- If you have tried different methods

- If you feel worried, stressed or anxious about

  • money and finances
  • your job/career
  • your relationships
  • your health
  • any other area of your life

These workshops can help you. 

These workshops are led by Zhana, author of Success Strategies for Black People, The Key to Everything and What They Don't Want Us to Know

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Get great results from a group session.  Individual 1 to 1 sessions are also available.  To find out more and book your session, please click here to contact us

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